I, Micah Yoder, am a Linux tech support specialist at the leading provider of hosting services. I specialize in the Linux platform and many related Open Source applications. I live in San Antonio, TX.

The following items represent what I did in the past as Micah Yoder Internet Development, when it was my full-time sole proprietorship. At this time, my family takes first priority, and my "main" job is the second priority. I am leaving this page up as I may be available to help in these areas on an occasional basis.

Network Services

Professional installation and configuration of:

  • Web servers
  • Firewalls
  • Databases
  • E-mail
  • File servers
  • Backups

Web Applications

Providing expertise in data-driven website development using the latest in exciting Open Source technologies.

Office Productivity

If you're not using Open Source productivity applications, you're paying too much for your software while locking yourself in to your software vendor! I provide help with migrating to OpenOffice.org, the completely Free office suite that is so close to MS Office that you probably won't notice the difference! Save hundreds of dollars per user and avoid Microsoft lock-in! Here's my OpenOffice.org page, which has a fun little game you can play in the spreadsheet!

End User Documentation

I realize that some of what I set up will be new to you or your users. Any system is useless unless your users are able to do their common tasks easily with with minimal fuss.

Any system I set up will include easy "How-To" style end user documentation for all common tasks!

Application Development

Need a custom application? I can develop applications that will let you take control of your data! I have experience with many development technologies, and can write programs ranging from batch data-processing jobs to interactive applications. More Details on Programming Services

Linux Training/Tutoring

Are you confused by Linux? Need a little hand holding? I can help! I have over 10 years of experience with Linux and can help you and your employees understand this powerful operating system -- or just as much as you need to know and no more!

Please call me at (210)416-8522 or e-mail micah@yoderdev.com for information.